Traditions can play a key role in fashion. Yakshi Malhotra founded her own label in 2013: her creations talk about Indian craftsmanship and the aim is to explore artisan skills of India, the country where she comes from.

The finely embroidered knitwear shows the traditional hand-knitting skills of the designer’s homeland.

The dresses, however, maintain simple shapes, as Yakshi Malhotra told us: “simple silhouettes, very comfortable.”

“I think it is very easy for people to put on a pair of trousers, or jeans, and then go to work,” the designer explained. “The idea is to offer dresses which are easy to wear and comfortable.”

At 17 years old, Yakshi Malhotra decided to move to the UK, in order to study knitwear in Nottingham.

“For the next collection I would like to go back to India. I want to get different sources of embroidery, because different parts of India have different types of embroidery.”Yakshi Malhotra 1Vivid colours and complex stitches: Yakshi’s creations catch people’s attention for their strong Indian essence. Being original does not have to mean inventing a trend from zero, but can start simply from who you are and where you come from.

Yakshi Malhotra 21

Yakshi Malhotra 26

As a very young designer, we asked Yakshi for her tips on taking up a career in fashion. She emphasizes the influences of the people around us. And, once again, it is all a matter of passion.

“It takes a lot of commitment and hard work, but at the same time a lot of passion as well.”