Charlie-Puth-Nine-Track-Mind-Album-ArtworkSet for release at the end of January, Nine Track Mind is one of 2016’s most highly anticipated albums. It is the debut album of talented 24-year-old, Charlie Puth. The American singer has already created excitement in the music world as one of the writers behind the Furious 7 theme song – See You Again. The song established Puth as a global success when it peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks. Despite his huge successes, Puth decided to keep his album simple; choosing to record it entirely in his bedroom. He also opted to keep the album free from collaborations – with the exception of Marvin Gaye, his breakthrough single with Meghan Trainor – so that fans can enjoy his raw talent. A popular single from the album, One Call Away, brings fans back to the singer’s beginnings as a YouTuber making acoustic covers. Nine Track Mind combines the artist’s love of hip hop and talent in playing piano, whilst offering listeners unique soulful vibes.


Photo: © Catie Laffoon / Atlantic Records