A Cruel Bird Came to the Nest and Looked in

A Cruel Bird Came to the Nest and Looked in by Magnus MillsBy Magnus Mills • Humorous fiction

No one knows where the Emperor of Greater Fallowfields has gone. In his absence, meanwhile, the cabinet is attempting to prop up the failing empire with limited skills and resources. Poor old Astronomer Royal, Whimbrel, can’t make the royal telescope work let alone decipher any stars. Our narrator, the Principal Royal Composer, can’t play a basic piano scale and Postmaster General, Garganey, is failing to save the inefficient postal system. How long will it be before progress sweeps in and buries the crumbling empire? This is a hilarious story of men attempting to impose order in the world, but in reality causing utter chaos.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC• ASIN:B00NYHQDK2