Anna of the Five Towns

anna-of-the-five-townsby Arnold Bennett • Historical fiction

Anna Tellwright is a woman of great integrity. She lives with her miserly father and young sister Agnes in the Staffordshire Potteries. On coming of age, Anna receives her inheritance, but her father continues to control the money. With this largely unobtainable money comes responsibility too. Anna finds herself torn between loyalty to her father and compassion towards her newly-acquired tenants. In amongst this turmoil appears the handsome and successful Henry Mynors. He has his eyes determinedly fixed on Anna. She has some decisions to make. Will she marry Mynors? What will she do with her non-paying tenants, and how can she appease her unreasonable father?

Arnold Bennett is great at portraying convincing, likeable women characters and Anna is no exception. But he’s also really good at depicting provincial Victorian life too and this, coupled with Anna’s story, makes for a really enjoyable read.

Publisher: Penguin • August 2016