Shaquilla Alexander

Year of the monkey

Chinese New Year

What: The Year of the Monkey, 2016. Celebrations in London are set to begin on Valentines day, the 14th of February, Born in the year of the monkey? You’ll share your characteristics of being curious, quick-witted, innovative and mischievious...
David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger and Maudie James 2

Vogue 100

What: Vogue 100: A Century of Style is at the National Portrait Gallery, London, from 11 February – 22 May 2016, sponsored by Leon Max. Vogue turns 100...
Adventure travel show

Adventure Travel Show

Thinking about your dream holiday? Or perhaps, you’re considering doing some volunteering and charity work overseas? Then visit the Adventure Travel show for plenty of information to make your next trip a breeze! Hear about great eco-adventures...