Megan Ellaby knows a thing or two about styling. The twenty-two year old Mancunian fashion blogger, ASOS personal stylist and proud owner of ‘Pages by Megan’ is a bit of a fashion chameleon. Sartorial minimalist one day and lady-like glamour the next, Megan has a knack for making new fashion trends her own. Her wardrobe of duster coats in every shade, Stan Smiths and oversized dresses has a Jane Birkin-esque laidback vibe to it and with style muses such as Francoise Hardy and Edie Sedgwick it’s no wonder Megan’s relaxed feminine style is so on point. We caught up with Megan on her new job at ASOS, trends she can’t wait to wear this winter and why you shouldn’t take any notice of style advice.     

How would you describe your style?

My style is different every day, so that is exactly how I would describe it. I don’t really have
a set vibe, it completely depends on how I feel, the weather or what has particularly inspired
me that day.

When did your love of fashion begin?

From a really early age, my mum used to make wedding dresses; so my sister and I were instantly submerged in design. We would design our own little fashion sketches from being around 6 and it just snowballed from there.

How have your degree and your blog helped get you where you are today?

It has seriously helped due to my placement year. Without that opportunity to get some work experience I wouldn’t have started my blog and I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience I gained at House of Holland, Alexander McQueen and Bank Fashion and the opportunities I’ve been given through my blog.


You have recently become a personal stylist for ASOS. What advice would you give to anyone trying to get into styling?

It’s a dream come true for me. Whilst interning on my placement year I always said that I wouldn’t move back to London unless it was for ASOS and here I am. It’s so funny how things work out! I’d just say throw yourself into everything; team up with a student photographer and a MUA and just style as many shoots as possible. A blog also helps as it’s an online portfolio where you can showcase how you style yourself so that’s always good.

How do you research for next season’s trends?

I attend LFW and I am constantly reading up on what’s coming up in magazines and online. It’s my job both at ASOS and on my blog to be ahead of the game and be up to date with trends, but it’s also something I love reading up on.

What trends are you looking out for this coming Autumn/ Winter?

I’m seriously excited for the seventies vibes that are going to be everywhere this A/W! I’m already rocking the flares, my must-have item for the season!

Whose style do you admire?

I have SO many style crushes; Francoise Hardy, Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, Leandra Medine, Edie Sedgwick.


What is your favourite film?

Leon – Natalie Portman is incredible! I love a good action movie.

Where are your favourite places to hang out?

At the minute I just love Soho in London; it’s still early days for me in London and when I head to Soho it never fails to hit me that “WOW I live here!” It’s just so much fun and the bars are epic! I also love everything about Manchester!

What are your beauty essentials?

Mac Liquid Last Eye Liner and Nars Semi-Matte Lipsticks.

What are your five essentials for your wardrobe?

Oversized coat, chunky boots, some form of hat, tailored trousers and a crisp white shirt.


Who are your favourite designers and why?

Acne Studios never ever fail to get it right in my book!

What music are you currently listening to?

I’m obsessed with Paolo Nutini’s new album Caustic Love! I’m in love with him!

What blogs do you love at the moment?

It’s always the same for me, my all time favourite blog and blogger is Amy Bell from


What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given?

“Don’t listen to style advice” Wear what makes you feel amazing!

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