For the Glory: the life of Eric Liddell

for-the-gloryby Duncan Hamilton • Non-fiction

Olympic gold medallist, Eric Liddell is best known for refusing to race in the 100 metre heat for the 1924 Paris Olympics because it was held on a Sunday. Instead he ran in the 400 metre race – his only other option – and still came home with the gold. Yet this was only a small part of his incredible life. After achieving this amazing victory, Liddell turned his back on running to answer a higher calling. He returned to Tientsin in China, the place where he was born, to work as a missionary. Here he lived an even more exemplary life in the most horrendous circumstances.

This is one of the best books I’ve read for a long time. Not only was Eric Liddell’s life inspirational, but it was also very well written. I also I found the author’s respect and awe for his subject permeated the pages and this made it even more enjoyable.

Publisher: Doubleday • Publication date: May 2016 • ISBN: 978-0-8575-2259-7