Have a Little Faith 

Have a Little Faithby Mitch Albom • Memoir

When Rabbi Albert Lewis, asks Mitch Albom to write his eulogy, he is a little bewildered. Why him? While Mitch has known Rabbi Lewis for more than forty years, he has spent very little time in the Synagogue. However, Mitch takes up the challenge, but insists that he spends more time with the rabbi to get to know the man better. Inevitably, these visits quickly become personal and over the subsequent eight years, the visits transform themselves from a quest to know Albert Lewis into one of seeking God – the God of his childhood, who in his adult life, Mitch had lost sight of. Was this the real reason the wise rabbi made this request to Mitch in the first place?

Mitch Albom is so easy to read that you will fly through this book. I really enjoyed it and found it incredibly uplifting. Indeed my favourite sentence of the whole book was his final one: “I am in love with hope”. How can you not be inspired by that?

Publisher:  Hachette Books • ISBN: 0786868724 • Publication date: 29th September 2009