Inkedby Eric Smith • Fantasy

Caenum is about to turn eighteen and that means he is going to be inked. But this isn’t an ordinary tattoo. It contains magic ink which tells everyone who he is and what his future will hold. Now Caenum isn’t convinced that he wants that. But when he upsets the Scribe who is scheduled to ink him, Caenum stirs up a whole host of trouble for himself and his family. Now he’s seriously upset the Citadel, they are after him. Caenum goes on the run with his friend Dreya and their reluctant companion Kenzi. They head for the Sanctuary where they think they will be safe. However, it’s a long journey and everywhere they go they seem to meet death and destruction. Will they get to the Sanctuary and if they do, what will they find there?

This is a dystopian fantasy full of magic and adventure. While it may not be a great literary work, it is still well plotted and written by someone who I really believe understands young people.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark • ISBN: 9781619638594 • AISN: B00OZP5VSC (Kindle edition)