The Innocence of Father Brown

father-brownby G K Chesterton • Murder mystery

World famous detective Valentin, head of Paris police, is in London tracking the master-criminal, Flambeau. However, he finds himself instead on the trail of two clerics who are causing minor mischief and mayhem through the streets of London. Eventually Valentin discovers the identity of one – a Father Brown, who is bringing a silver cross with sapphires to show some priests at a national congress. He also realises that Flambeau has got wind of this valuable cross and is disguised as the other mischievous cleric, with larcenous intent. What should he do? Soon we discover that Father Brown, innocent as he is, has a tremendous insight into the minds of criminals, due to many hours in the confessional, and can handle matters quite well for himself.

This is a collection of twelve short stories that introduce us to the unique and lovable Father Brown. But they are not all fluff and cuteness. Chesterton paints vivid murder scenes in the subsequent stories, but they are not so gory that they turn your stomach. What’s more, each story provides intellectual puzzles and philosophical issues to keep your interest piqued. I loved reading these stories and I will be reading more …

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform • July 2016 • ISBN: 978-1-5403-7955-9