No time to cook? Hungry when you get home? This will warm you up quickly! Microwavable Sponge Pudding Video Recipe! Try it now!


1 Egg

4 oz. Caster sugar

4 oz. Plain flour

4 oz. Butter

4 tbsp. Milk

Golden syrup


Step 1. Cream the sugar and the butter

Step 2. Add the egg and milk

Step 3. Fold in the flour

Step 4. Grease the containers then coat with flour

Step 5. Add the syrup to the bottom of the container then add the mixture on top.

Step 6. Tap to level out

Step 7. Place in the microwave for 1 minute

Step 8. Add golden syrup and custard

Step 9. Enjoy your easy and scrumptious dessert!