My Family and Other Animals

my-family-and-other-animalsby Gerald Durrell • Memoir

When Larry Durrell strong-arms his family into moving to Corfu, ten-year-old Gerry finds himself in a natural paradise. There are butterflies and bats and spiders and scorpions and locals … all waiting for Gerry to discover. He embraces them all and in return is warmly embraced by the locals who regularly feed him as he wanders around the island searching for new and exciting natural wonders. Meanwhile his family are also settling down to life in Corfu. Hopping from villa to villa across the island, they entertain a steady stream of guests both of the human and animal variety with almost as much grace!

This is such a lovely read – full of natural wonders and idyllic family life. Gerry is hilarious and his descriptions of his family are as delightful as the animals. While this is no great literary masterpiece, it will warm your heart and make you smile.

Publisher: Penguin Books •  March 2016 (first published 1955)