My Name is Parvana 

My Name is Parvanaby Deborah Ellis • Realistic fiction

“Is your name Parvana?” quizzes the intimidating Corporal. Parvana keeps her head down and keeps her own counsel. She is being held on a military base as a suspected terrorist. But Parvana is no terrorist. She’s been living in a village with her mother and sisters, helping to run her mother’s school for girls. In the face of intimidating opposition, the family bravely persevere in their mission to educate Afghan women. Yet there will be a terrible price to pay for this bravery, one exacted from the whole family.

I just love Deborah Ellis’s sensitive and intuitive writing. This is another excellent insight into Afghan life that not only takes you there, but also inspires you to help these people in such need. A thoroughly excellent book.

Publisher: Oxford University Press  ISBN: 9780192734044