For all those secret animation lovers, here’s a comic treat for you just in time for Halloween. A freaky take on the traditional Boy meets Girl love story set around a hotel for monsters, Hotel Transylvania stars Adam Sandler as Dracula and Selena Gomez as Mavis, his 118 year-old teenage daughter.

As Mavis celebrates her 118th birthday amongst werewolves, skeletons, a mummy and Frankenstein’s monster, as you would, she can’t help wishing to experience the real world, filled with monsters’ mortal enemies, much to her over-protective father’s disgust.

After Dracula reluctantly allows Mavis to visit a human village, the resulting commotion leads a boringly ordinary young human, Jonathan to the hotel, where the monsters surprisingly take a shine to him, including Mavis and even her over-protective dad.

Screening of Hotel Transylvania at Soho Hotel, photo by Catherine Senor

The following freakishly funny events are merry as can be until the monsters discover Jonathan is a dreaded human being and threaten to cook him.

In response Dracula does what he never in his ghoulish nights thought he would and rescues Jonathan, teaching us a valuable lesson about loyalty before Dracula’s overreaction to Jonathan and Mavis’ kiss takes us on a wholly other roller coaster ride.

We can’t promise it breaks new ground but that doesn’t mean you can’t relish the blood-curdling giggle-inducing ride it takes you on because of its cringe worthiness, Adam Sandler casting his comic talents upon an over-the-top vampire dad or Ceelo Green’s mummy mayhem.

Take a younger sibling or cousin and say it’s for them, we won’t tell!

Artist Oliver Proudlock at the screening