This Sunday, one of our own, Amy, will be running a half marathon in the historic city of Cambridge. Read about the challenge, who she is fundraising for and how to offer your support. 

Three months ago, I could barely run a 3k. When my friend suggested that we run a half marathon, I agreed, but nervously laughed the whole way through signing up. My friends and family couldn’t believe it when I told them.

I decided to raise money for the A-T Society. Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), is a rare degenerative condition which causes increasingly severe disability and shortens life expectancy: children with A-T are unlikely to live beyond their twenties. There is currently no cure.

I have chosen this chBrae (right) and Broghan (left)arity because I am hugely inspired by an ex-colleague of mine who has twin boys, Brae (right of image) and Broghan (left). At the age of three, Brae was diagnosed with A-T; he is likely to be in a wheelchair by 9, and he is unlikely live past 26. Learning about A-T and meeting the boys, now aged seven, I was so inspired by their strength, courage, and positive outlook.

Knowing that I was fundraising for such a worthwhile charity has helped with my training and has made the challenge worthwhile. I am extremely nervous for this Sunday, but I am told that running a half marathon is a rewarding experience that I will never forget.

My fundraising page is below – the smallest of donations would be really appreciated and mean a lot.


A-T Society is a small charity and any money raised will make a real difference to supporting the children and their families and will contribute to important research.