Originally from Berkshire, Sun Circus came together at the beginning of 2015 after spending many years in various collectives. They soon came to realise that playing together was something they loved, as well as enjoying a tipple or two, and so decided to form a band. In a year they have released two singles and are working towards an album. They regularly perform in and around London.


With influences from classic rock, indie, acoustic, and jazz, they are often mislabelled as ‘indie’. But from listening to them, their music creates an amalgamation of all of these different genres. Sun Circus’s use of A Capella combined with the not-so-conventional use of a tambourine emits the feeling of a jamming session amongst friends. Whether we can pinpoint their genre or not, one thing is for sure; their sound rouses joy in anyone listening to them.

Sun Circus Van

You’ll like them if you listen to:

Radiohead, Noah and the Whale, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, and Kasabian

Where have you heard them before?

As their first single only came out last November, they are yet to do many big gigs. However, they recently performed on BBC Radio for their ‘Introducing’ series.

Out now:

Though they have yet to produce an album, their first two singles We Went to War and Got that Feeling are available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube.

To find out more visit: www.wearesuncircus.com