Throughout the world, individual cultures have created their own views of what defines beauty. Socially constructed ideals are presented to women from a young age to encourage them to achieve whatever has been defined as ‘beautiful’.

Culture plays an integral part in the perception of beauty, and with that comes diversity. At t!, we believe that beauty is everywhere. You may have to go on an adventure to find it!  Take a trip around the world with us to discover the great efforts women in different cultures make to primp, prime and paint their way to perfection. Don’t try these at home!



kayan womenKayan Women, Myanmar

From the age of 5, brass rings are placed on the neck and continually added to through the years to stretch and elongate. The weight of these coils pushes down their shoulders and eventually the rib cage to crate an elegant, giraffe-like length.





cultural beauty

Far East Asia

Throughout China, Korea and Japan, pale skin is a symbol of affluence and attractiveness. Skin products contain whitening agents, women avoid the sunshine like the plague with parasols and scarves, whilst some even powder their face white for special occasions – think Geisha.









shutterstock_277960493India and Pakistan

Diamond headdresses, gemstone nose rings and vibrant bindis – the more the better in India, especially for a bride. Beauty is seen in decoration, and if you’re not glistening from head to toe, you’re not part of the club.





Cultural beauty _187549787Masai Tribe, Kenya

Men and women use everything from decorative stones to elephants’ tusks to branches, to elongate their earlobes as a sign of beauty.







Cultural beauty 298919033

Middle East

As a symbol of modesty, hijabs and burkas are seen as the norm in Islamic culture. When the eyes are left uncovered, they are seen as the epitome of beauty. So much so, that many Arabic phrases incorporate the eyes, for example the expression for “my pleasure” translates as “by the light of your eyes I will do it”.





cultural beautyMursi, Ethiopia

Stretched lips represents fertility and beauty. Woman pierce a hole in their bottom lip and place plates in their mouth to stretch, increasing the size of the plate as they get older. Ouch!






Cultural beautyMaori, New Zealand

Ta-moko tattoos drawn on the lips and chin of Maori woman represent the ultimate in beauty. This gives the illusion of a fuller set of lips while also serving as a recognisable tribe mark.





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