The Gift of the Magi

the-gift-of-the-magi-9781501115929_hr 2by O Henry • Short story

One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That is all the money Della has to spend on a Christmas present for her beloved Jim. What is she going to do with that? Even at the turn of the century, when this story was written, that’s not a lot of money to play with. Yet with love comes sacrifice and Della willingly makes it for the man she loves. Meanwhile Jim is also preparing for Christmas with his wife. What will he give Della as a gift for Christmas? Neither are thinking about what they will receive, but rather what they can give. This is a beautiful and incredibly short story of gifts being given as a fruit of love and sacrifice. With such a short page extent (26 pages in the kindle edition), you can read it in minutes and, in this chilly winter weather, it will warm your heart.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster • ISBN 141693586X / Kindle ISBN