The Icarus Girl

The Icarus Girlby Helen Oyeyemi • Thriller

Eight year old Jessamy is a troubled child. With a Nigerian mother and English father, she feels out of place in both worlds. As an only child, she is also very lonely. Other children are wary of her because of her screaming fits that even she doesn’t understand. Then she meets TillyTilly. Initially she seems like a great companion, someone who really understands her. However, as time passes, Jess realises that there is something sinister about TillyTilly. Who exactly is she and does Jess have a choice whether or not her companion stays around?

Be warned: despite being about an eight year old girl, this is a dark story full of ghosts, shadows and doubles. If you want an uplifting, joyful book, don’t read this. However, I recommend it for some people because Helen Oyeyemi was only 17 when she wrote it. Despite her tender years, she is an incredibly mature writer with a strong writing style.

Publisher: Bloomsbury • ISBN: 0747578869