The Shadow of his Wings

The Shadow of His Wingsby Gereon Goldmann

How on earth can you be a good Franciscan priest and an SS lieutenant? Well, that was the dilemma forced upon young seminarian Gereon Goldmann when he was drafted into the SS at the beginning of World War II. How could he serve both Church and State when the State was run by such an evil force? Part of the answer lay in Goldmann’s character. He was a strong-willed, feisty man. But the other part of the answer lay in the hands of a powerful intercessor. Years earlier, following the death of Gereon’s mother, Sister Solana May promised the eight-year-old boy that she would take the place of his mother. Her lifelong fidelity to Gereon through prayer and sacrifice was truly heroic. In turn it enabled him also to be a heroic Franciscan priest who brought souls to God when they most needed it.

This is an astounding story of courage, strength and incredible miracles. What’s more it is a masterclass in upholding your Christian beliefs in the face of monstrous opposition. Even when evil is so tangibly close, it is possible to bear witness to the Truth. Furthermore, behind this great man was an equally great woman – truly inspirational.

Publisher: Ignatius Press • Publication date: 1 Mar 2000 • ISBN: 978-0-8987-0774-8