The Shed that Fed a Million Children

 The Shed that Fed a Million childrenby Magnus McFarlane-Barrow • non-fiction

In 1992 Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow only intended to take one trip to deliver aid to wartorn Bosnia-Herzegovina. Yet from one act of charity, many more may flow. This one journey started him along a path which led him to become the international CEO of a global charity that feeds more than a million starving children today.

Magnus explains how Mary’s Meals developed and grew out of thousands of tiny acts of love from thousands of people all over the world. It has a very simple mission: to deliver one meal a day to each child in school throughout the world. And where others may be still planning the logistics or saying it simply cannot be done, Magnus and his team have knuckled down and shown what is possible with a bit of faith, hope and love.

This is a truly inspirational story that demonstrates that even a small good deed can have tremendous repercussions. If you are willing to turn love into deeds – just tiny deeds – you too can make a difference. And what of the shed? Well, that’s where it all started and where Mary’s Meals’ HQ is to this day.

Publisher: William Collins • ISBN: 978-0-00-812764-0 • Publication: May 2015