Thin Air

Thin Airby Michelle Paver • Thriller

Young medic Stephen Pearce is planning to summit Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain, with his brother Kits and three other climbers. It’s 1935 and so far no one has succeeded in reaching the summit. As Stephen prepares for the climb, he stumbles across Charles Tennant, the only survivor of the ill-fated 1907 Lyle expedition, who warns him off the mountain. Undeterred, Pearce and the team set off. Yet as they get higher up the mountain, Stephen is sure someone else is on the mountain… watching…

This is a spooky, compelling and well-structured story. It is clear that the author has been on the mountain and has researched her subject-matter well. Apart from quite a bit of bad language throughout the book, the story is extremely enjoyable. If you like mountaineering books and ghost stories, you are in for a treat. This is a really good one.

Publisher: Orion books • ISBN: 1409163342 • Publication date: 6th October 2016