On 11th February, Julia Holter’s tour is set to reach the UK. She is an American composer and singer and has released four experimental pop albums over the last five years. Her most recent album, Have You In My Wilderness, was released in 2015 and was her most successful to date. Holter’s music incorporates a huge array of mesmerizing sounds to create a poetic fusion of classical and jazz instruments. The first three albums she released focused on artfully-depicted stories, whether inspired by literature or created by herself. More recently, her music has increasingly resonated with the pop and ballad genre.

The tour kicks off in San Diego before reaching the UK, where she is set to visit Southampton, London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh; she will also be going to Dublin. Most of the venues are small which makes the tour, finishing its UK leg on 20th February, perfect for those who prefer an intimate setting.

To hear more of her music, visit www.juliashammasholter.com

Julia Holter - Photo Credit Tonje Thilesen - DSC04237-72dpi

Photo © Tonje Thilesen