War in my Town

warinmytownby Edy Graziani • True story

While the Second World War rages around her, teenager Bruna has been so far safe from the fighting. Living in Eglio, a small village in northern Tuscany, her life is filled with the comings and goings of her six older siblings rather than war. However, this all changes when first Bruna’s brother, Cesar, is called up to fight, then later her brother, Alcide, is also called. As the war progresses, Italy is divided, with the fascists occupying the north and the Allies occupying the south. Eventually Bruna’s village becomes the centre of the fighting as the Battle of Garfagnana rages around them. I’ve never given the Italian perspective of the Second World War much thought before so from that point of view I found it very interesting. What’s more, it is a beautifully written story that is made all the more poignant for being real. I strongly recommend you read it.